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What you need for your first session!

First, Contact me about what game you want to run and we will discuss terms.

Presently I run D&D5e campaigns for adults and children using Zoom and DnDBeyond as my preferred tools as the larger video screen suits my needs as a roleplaying focussed DM.

I also use a 2nd camera which I use for a battle-maps and miniatures.

Here is an example video --->
of how this works.

To get ready for your first session with DM Russell Kirkby, you will need a free D&DBeyond account and a free Zoom account. 

A google account might also be useful for sharing files.


Pending the Covid19 Crisis

My preferred method of play is often Face to Face in any campaign or one shot.

This really allows for the best chemistry and interaction between players and lets players be a lot more interactive and physical in their role-playing. Also, there is nothing like actual dice. 

For now however, Face to face play is very limited and mostly unavailable due to the covid 19 crisis and various rolling lockdowns. 

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