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What is D&D Anyway?

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

What's so special about dungeons and dragons?

Dungeons and Dragons is an oral storytelling game that takes place in the imagination. You get to create and then play a fully fledged and unique character, almost like an actor. By improvising your actions and dialogue on the fly you will tell a unique, fantasy story that may involve anything from saving a dragon from an evil princess to outwitting the political machinations of a faction of Dark Elves. The world is created and controlled by the referee, known as the Dungeon Master (or DM) who might ask you to roll special dice to succeed at difficult actions or to resolve combat using the games rules. The other players (Player Characters) form a troupe who set their own goals, work as a team and overcome obstacles and challenges largely created and managed by the DM. Unlike computer roleplaying games, the possibilities of what you might wish to accomplish in the game world and how you might wish to play your character, are limited only by the game world’s story logic and your imagination. For children, D&D Teaches inclusivity, maths, social skills, language skills, vocabulary, team work, critical thinking, diplomacy, leadership, innovation and drama. And it's REALLY fun! (Also keeps them kids off the streets!) Compare this to video games! For adults it can encompass engaging ethical and political thought experiments, existential questions and philosophy, solving puzzles as well as high octane action, adventure and pure entertainment. What do you need for a great game of D&D? Besides a Dungeon Master, only your imagination and a willingness to take a leap of faith into the world of D&D. You might wish to get some books, dice and other supplements but these are entirely optional. 

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