Letter #3: Information and Master Leitheoir Mystralath

Updated: May 22

Dear Maria,

I had left us last – Mister Milford Brixton and yours truly – on our way to the house of Lord Hassildril in Grenoldraea, under the reluctant agreement of Mister Drazael that without the elven lord, the dwarf’s goal to retrieve for himself some of the treasure found amongst the entombed remains of giants long dead in the Muldraean district of Anzahl, would be squandered.

I hope you discovered in my last letter that I had written the second portion of my last tale in my cypher I taught you some time ago, otherwise that portion, this letter, and all those to follow will be in some strange gobbledygook that you will either take for a another language I had forgotten you can’t read, the inane ramblings of a drunk man, or that my tether connecting my mind to my body has finally gone slack from breakage and that I am now a shambling mound of fat, walking about without purpose or intent.

We were making a good headway towards the estate of Lord Hassildril who, much like his dwarven counterpart, had a guard awaiting outside to ensure no-one could force entry without his express permission. A slim wood elf, by the name of Laertes, stood outside in the traditional earthy tones that his race no-doubt are accustomed to due to their innate ability to hide in only mildly obscured environments. This elf played with a blade, flipping it into the air and catching it between his fingers, an action he seems loath to desist.