Letter #13: Building Bridges to Burn

Updated: May 22

Dear Maria,

Much of import has occurred in these last few hours. I shall try to keep it concise for, due to an unforeseen and immediate timer running against our lives, we felt it pertinent to make the most of what little time we have left. I am afraid I cannot say with any surety if we are to be safe or not. This and the letters that follow are to be culmination of our plotting and planning, and perhaps the last we see of Vain Gate – at least, openly – for some time.

With the consensus of our stratagem to be to commandeer the boats in the name of the Queen, it seemed in that moment that already the penultimate cogs of this heist had begun their movement, shifting our fate ever faster towards the end of this endeavour. The discussion then turned to how to get rid of the book down in the depths of the Underdark, stowed in that grand cache of treasure. I had decided to give it the affectionate name of ‘the Tome of Twisted Skin’ until such time as I can discern its true name – if it even has one.

Brixton decided to visit the good Mister Milmor Glass; as the quartermaster of the Daughters of Twilight he might have the means to discern what the book is; as Brixton is unsure of what to make of this book – which, in itself, is disconcerting. The always surefooted and stoic rogue I have never seen so flustered with unknowing or anxiety about an object, person, or situation like this. Each of us have our uncertainties of the book’s powers and intent.