Letter #11: Part One: This Nucleus of Destruction

Updated: May 27

My Dearest Maria,

Perhaps I should put in place a series of events should my demise come earlier than anticipated. I would not call it untimely, for I’m sure my passing is overdue. Each day hence forth from that day in Ashwood has been a day borrowed from Fate and the Gods. It seems that I may be running on a double allowance now; and when my debt is called to be paid it shall be an even heftier price than afore.

The cresting first sun’s radiance of aureate that gilded the sky with its brilliance; the soft, cool air of early morning that rested on dew covered laurels of grass and dirt; that barely audible creak of a city as it slowly awakes and begins a day of activies – like the rigging of a ship just starting to set sail; all of this was shattered by a distant crack, one more portent yet curt than thunder. I was in fact, woken by this, whilst my lodging-fellows were already at the window, trying to ascertain from which direction these detonations were coming from. Adrik noticed their course being due north, towards the Palatial District – under which our tunnel passed – and Ludivar – the exit of our tunnel and where we travel openly to the dig-site.

We gathered our equipment; Rem already having taken to traverse the stairs entered our quarters. All contact with his raven familiar had gone down, and the fear shared amongst us was that this was yet another attack orchestrated by the Leppers of Nort – the mages who had previous