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Example D&D Session:

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Moon Over Graymoor is a murder mystery by ST Mannel that is designed to be tailored to any setting or campaign. I set it in the frigid wastes of the Northern Skyreaches known as the Frostmoors. The Frostmoors, are a vaste wasteland of ice which I invented for my Sidarhael campaign setting, specifically to accommodate the Graymoor module as it was written. It is North of Muldraea and the human city states, near Ankhorn.

As it is a werewolf story I also had to do some jiggery-pokery with the lore of Sidarhael. This was due to the fact that the moon in this world was smashed long ago and only pieces of it remain in the sky. Huge fragments of an astral temple that can be seen from the continents, which mark the time, the days, months, and even epochs of Sidarhael calendar. This detail of course complicated the lycanthropy curse mechanics and I had to adjust them somewhat. My solution was to use some deep backstory from the campaign setting that I had written, dating back to the conflict of the Dawn Gods. I did quite a lot of work expanding the initial adventure, adding NPCs, creating handouts for the players (mostly given before the game) and building Player Character backgrounds in collaboration with the players individually. I also did a lot of work between sessions too.

Session One demonstrates the build up of tension and the means by which we got to know each other after meeting for the first time on-line. No one here had met anybody else before.

By session two we picked up the pace considerably and now the party is getting into the thick of the mystery. We are also joined by a new player, Barry, who is new to D&D and picks it up like a duck to water. In order to get Barry prepped for the game, I ran a one-on-one prequel with him so he could get a handle on his character, Milford Brixton. The rogue.

Session Two turned out to be where the game really began to take off as the mystery deepened and the players began to engage with various suspects as more bodies turn up. This eventually leads to an altercation near the end of the session and secrets begin to be revealed.

Session #3 Was intended to be the grande finale but the gods had other plans. So... there will be a Session# 4 next week.

Will post Session 4 Next week.

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