Engaging With Role Play

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

How to make role playing engaging and meaningful. And also some practical tips at the bottom.

Now if you do not identify as a role-player, you might for various reasons, (some of them a mystery to me and I really wonder why you would even read this blog if this is the case), not enjoy getting deep into your character, improvising dialogue, reading into subtext and experiencing an emotional journey through your avatar as you build a shared inner world and a trans-personal mythology. Maybe you are new to TTRPGs like Dungeons and Dragons and you are not sure how to approach the subject of role play. It is in the title after all but according to the internet, only Matt Mercer and a few voice actors are allowed to do it.

For whatever reason, you might not see RPG as a portal into another world, an experiment in existential philosophy or an opportunity for personal growth so much as an occasion to hang out with your actual friends, roll some dice, kill some bad guys and drink some beer. And I think that is completely valid.