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Russell W.B. Kirkby

Recently returned to New Zealand from Los Angeles, Russell has been playing and running D&D and other role playing games for over thirty years and is a now professional DM.

With a background in stage, film and TV, Russell’s interests in D&D center on the game’s power to create unique, shared experiences that make self-development fun and exciting. His philosophy as a DM is to create "the illusion of total agency" for his players.


What sets Russell Kirkby apart as a DM?

Besides thirty plus years of running D&D and other games, (including one twelve year long campaign as a 'forever DM'), Russell Kirkby holds a Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts in Writing and Directing for Film and Theater from Unitec, a Diploma in Film and TV from the South Seas Film and TV School NZ and has been signed with a talent agent since he was sixteen years old. He made his first appearance on local TV soap, Shortland Street in 1992.

Russell has also worked as a video editor, film director, video producer and received several grants from the Screen Innovation Production Fund totaling more than $35,000. His film Nova played in the New Zealand International Film Festival. 

Russell has also appeared in numerous Shakespeare productions in a variety of lead roles, and worked as an actor in Los Angeles where he studied the Michael Chekhov Technique before returning recently to his native New Zealand. 

Born and raised in Papua New Guinea, Russell started playing D&D at age ten and is a natural storyteller, dungeon master and actor. 

As a Dungeon Master Russell brings his intense talent to bare. Utilizing acting technique, improvisational skills and a host of other talents Russell's games serve to engage players and produce memorable stories as powerful and meaningful as you are likely to experience.

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