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What is Sidarhael?

Firstly, Sidarhael (meaning Throne in the ancient elven tongue) is the name of an original D&D campaign setting created by professional Game Master and Filmmaker, Russell Kirkby as a love letter to his wife, author Helen Kirkby (The Brazen Serpent, available at Nephilim Press).

Sidarhael has since grown into the setting for the show, The Vaingate Chronicles--a roleplaying focused and narrative-based weekly D&D Livestream featuring a group of dedicated performers and actors who can be found on Twitch on Friday nights at 7 pm (+12 UTC). (Helen does the music and sound design for this when she has time too!)

Also, you can personally venture into the rich tapestry of the myth, magic and geopolitics of Sidarhael by booking a campaign with Russell Kirkby via Questbook. Right now Sidarhael hosts several different groups of Heroes acting independently of one another--besides the Servants of the Fox in the Vaingate Chronicles--most famously, The Frostmoor Crows and the heroes of Uthdark’s Call. Two other roleplaying groups who have elected to make their game sessions available to the public too.

Thus, Sidarhael is the setting of multiple D&D campaigns--past and present--which serve to inform the world concurrently and may overlap from time to time.

If you are interested in knowing more about the world itself and what makes it magical and unique as a roleplaying experience, see this article about Mythic Roleplaying in Sidarhael by its creator.



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Russell W.B. Kirkby


Short Film by Russell W.B Kirkby Tag Line: "How do you know what you think you know? A man narrates his personal deconstruction of his reality as he journeys to an audition to discovers that he is an actor auditioning for the film he is already in. "A post modern interpretation of Descartes Meditations." I I wake up. I wake up each day and for an instant I am a blank slate. Tabula Rasa. I reinvent my attitude, my look, my hair. I am awake. Reflecting concepts and ideas. Am I a machine that records somehow memories of my five senses? Am I some kind of database that when prompted with the right stimulus, reacts in different ways? A chemical reaction. An experiment. A coincidence. Am I forced to accept only that which I can prove? How much of me is real? How much of me is a reaction to a lifetime of stimulus? Do I have a soul? Do souls exist? How do I even know I am alive? The more I search for the answers, the more elusive they become. How can I start with simple facts and build upon them, when I could be in some dark age with Descartes demons whispering in my ears while I sleep the life I think I perceive. The only thing that I am sure of at all is that I think. I think therefore I am. Cogito ergo sum. But am I who I think I am? As individuals we are bound to communicate with language that is subjective. My blue may be your red. How do we even know what exists outside of our peripheral vision? If a tree falls in a forest... Do I believe in God? I believe in ants. Ants talk to each other. Each one serves the function of the community. Each one serves to perpetuate the species. To do this they must collect themselves together so that the whole community is greater than the sum of its parts. What if humans are just the medium for life? What if it is not us that is alive but our thoughts? Thought forms, memes, self replicating organisms in the form of ideas. Living constructs. Entities in their own right. I am perplexed. But the time is now. Can I now prove that my inner world and the inner world of those that I have come to impress is in fact the same place? Impossible. But who am I? I am a million things. I am the constructs expected of me by the nodes I encounter. I am the man who is no longer the man I was yesterday. I have arrived. I am awake. I am on time. I have fulfilled my own ideals of my perceptions of others beliefs in who I may be. I am. In culture I exist. I. I wake up. I wake up each day and for an instant I am a blank slate. I am culture. Cogitamus ergo sum. We think therefore I am. When culture ends I end with it. I end in your mind.